Friday, December 18, 2009


Trim the tree with snowflakes, 'tis the season of the year.
Grandma sat and crocheted them, isn't she a dear?

Hang some lovely fans from the the theatre, pretty pink,
I find the pearls romantic, what do you think?

The international year of peace was 1992
The UN had these ornaments a friendly gift brand new.

Some baubles are traditional, like these from childhood days
The hand painted designs are nice, a keepsake I would say.

And Auntie's homemade hearts, her needle work is such a treasure
Family decorations a gift of love that can't be measured

And high atop the tree, the angel is such a peaceful sight
The tree trimming is done, it's time, so let's turn on those lights!

Our tree is decorated with treasures old and new
It is time to share it's beauty now, with every one of you.

Have a Happy Holiday. May it be wondrous friends!
Love and peace, good health for all... in two thousand and ten!


  1. this was just great - poetry and all. I admire anyone who has tree trimmings from childhood or even their children's childhood. I do not have one thing from even 10 years ago, for that matter nothing new either. I hope you both have a wonderful and loving Christmas.

  2. That's a lovely tree! A memory to go along with each ornament, I'm sure. Wishing you both all the blessings of Christmas.

  3. Acchh, we are such slugs. You have had at least as busy a week as we have, but your tree is up and you are ready to go. I love hanging up the ornaments each year because they are loaded with significance, all of them. Have a wonderful week and soak up that family-time.

  4. I was worth waiting for. I love the old ornaments with their memories.

  5. Ah, your poetry was superb. I loved each and every word. Your tree is very pretty and so are all the ornaments.

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Poetry as a bonus! Wonderful! Bravo!!!

  7. Ditto, and thanks for coming over...

    What a glorious tree you have up, crowned with a beautiful angel in her ornament kingdom!

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely tree!

  9. Good for you to get your tree up despite all your activities of the week tying you up! The tree looks lovely, glad you could share you reflections of some of the ornaments.

  10. I love your decorations and its so nice that each one is special. I buy a decoration for the boys each year and they are so special too

  11. Thank you for inviting us into your home for the holidays. The cider was wonderful and the cookies were perfect.

    Oh, our cats would love to get into that tree. So many pretty ornaments.

  12. Oh that was beautiful..what a lovely tree!! Lovely words also! I have a bulb like the one from your childhood too..looks very much the same!!
    Wishing you both health and happiness this next year. Merry Christmas, Sarah

  13. I loved the decorations and I adored the rhyming couplets!

  14. I love your tree and the way its ornaments have histories and connections. Have a merry Christmas!

  15. Very nice Christmas decorations!!

    Thank you for all your wonderful posts.
    Please continue 2010!!
    At this Christmas Season we remember and honour those who are no longer with us and cherish those who are.

    Peace On Earth and best wishes throughout the New Year


  16. that was wonderful. I do not have decorations from when I was child but I have ones that I have had since we were married 37 years ago and my daughters have decorations that we bought them when they were children and they have taken them to their homes. So many memories in them. *s*