Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Home Town Shoot Outs--Park Landscapes

Patty and Reggie Girl pioneered the "My Town" Photo Shoot Out asking us to post photos of our local community every Friday. From a handful of participants it has grown into a world wide phenomenon and is now in the capable hands of ChefE, Jen and GingerV.

This week's theme, chosen by Jarielyn in Nevada, is PARK LANDSCAPES.

For a comprehensive list and how to join instructions, just click on the camera at bottom of our side panel.

Next weeks theme, suggested by Kate, is Skylines.

Linda and Barry live in Toronto, Ontario Canada.


It is Saturday October 24th and Barry is facing a second series of chemotherapy after the discovery that his cancer has metastasized. This time around his immune system will be seriously impacted just as the H1N1 flu begins to hit Toronto.

Linda is worried that it will be necessary to isolate him, even from his family until his three cycles of chemo are complete in three months time and his immune system has had time to recover.

So she has gathered their daughters and their families together on the park lands surrounding the McMichael Gallery. Here they tour the remarkable Canadian Immpressionist works of the Group of Seven and the vast galleries of First Nations art.

And they visit and talk and walk the grounds through the majesty of the colours of Autumn at their height. Here and there around the grounds are magnificent works of Native art, that they admired.

And then they went for an Italian dinner at Vinnie Zucchini's, where they laughed and talked much more. Baby Hailey ate the most food. Where did she put it all? The family were reluctant to part, but finally did, each going to their own homes, giving the parklands of the the McMichael Galleries back to the ancients and the artists to keep.