Thursday, December 31, 2009


A simple lean to in the woods. Could you build it? How many helpers would you need?

A straight wooden fence. Could you build it? How many helpers would you need?

A simple totem pole. Could you build it? How many helpers would you need?

Larger totem poles. Could you build it? How many helpers would you need?

A small garden gazebo. Could you build it? How many helpers would you need?

A fishy wooden beach chair. Could you build it? How many helpers would you need?

A tricky 4 sided belfry. Could you build it? How many helpers would you need?

A simple clapboard building. Could you build it? How many helpers would you need?

A larger log cabin gallery. Could you build it? How many helpers would you need?

A Victorian general store (with gingerbread wood trim) . Could you build it? How many helpers would you need?

A decagon ceiling (10 sides). Could you build it? How many helpers would you need?

Get your hammer and saw out! Barry and Linda wish everyone a very Happy New Year, chock full of health, wealth, happiness and love. xxxxoooo ((((HUGS))))

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Friday My Home Town Shootout--Angels

Angels tend to gather around our home, especially at this time of year.

They sit on dressers.

Lurk by side doors.

Stand guard with trumpets by the front of our house.

And grace (for once I'm certain I have the right word) the top of our Christmas Tree.

But of course, Angels are welcome in our home anytime of year.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Trim the tree with snowflakes, 'tis the season of the year.
Grandma sat and crocheted them, isn't she a dear?

Hang some lovely fans from the the theatre, pretty pink,
I find the pearls romantic, what do you think?

The international year of peace was 1992
The UN had these ornaments a friendly gift brand new.

Some baubles are traditional, like these from childhood days
The hand painted designs are nice, a keepsake I would say.

And Auntie's homemade hearts, her needle work is such a treasure
Family decorations a gift of love that can't be measured

And high atop the tree, the angel is such a peaceful sight
The tree trimming is done, it's time, so let's turn on those lights!

Our tree is decorated with treasures old and new
It is time to share it's beauty now, with every one of you.

Have a Happy Holiday. May it be wondrous friends!
Love and peace, good health for all... in two thousand and ten!
The tree is going up today and we will post the halls being decked later. Sorry we are late this week. We had a retirement, shopping, and a visit to the hospital. It's been a busy week! Thank you for stopping in later. Your patience is appreciated. =D

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out--Christmas Weather

More than for any of our previous posts, we would urge you to click on these photos to enlarge them for full effect.


It rose up out of the Pacific.

Joined forces with the waters of the Gulf of Mexico

Formed a massive storm covering half of the Unted States. And then took direct aim at Toronto.

Where we could see it coming from the top of the bluffs.

But weren't able to duck.

December 9, 2009. Our first snow storm of the winter.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday My Town Shootout --Our Favourite Things

Barry is busy decorating with a seasonal display. Not only is he a dear, but he is carrying deer. For Canadian Woodland Enthusiasts deer are like our sheep. One can be substituted for the other in biblical scenarios, so we have Deerpherds who look after flocks of deer. It is totally appropriate to include them as Christmas decorations. Deer and dear(s) are our favorites. Husbands doing decorating is also a favorite. =D

In case it is difficult for you to picture husbands doing decorating here is the deer, dear scenario from a different angle. The red berries and green leaves on the shrubbery add to the ambiance of the season, don't they? Even though the red berries are probably poison, they still give a festive effect.

Linda, another dear, cannot believe her good luck that her dear husband has done Christmas decorating with dear deer! She is checking to make sure they are properly situated for visual beauty. We hope our deer become our neighbor's favorite things, but not too favorite. We don't want these deer getting borrowed by thieving neighbors. that would not be a favorite scenario.

You may think that Linda is admiring Barry's handy skills and she is. It's one of her favorite things. She is also looking for the optimum place to attach the lock and chain so she can keep these handsome deer in her yard. Dear me!

Our deer like to have their pictures taken. The handsome buck stands so proud. that's his favorite pose.

The doe doesn't care. She is enjoying the Christmas Buffet Grass. That would be her favorite thing.

Our very favorite part is how they sparkle at night, with golden beauty. The deer next door aren't as bright as our deer and they are kind of hidden behind balloon Santa.

Putting up the Christmas Lights is a favorite tradition, absolutely.

We hope all of you have enjoyed our Christmas light display. Your visits and comments are our favorite parts of the shoot out, dear friends!! (((HUGS)))

Inspired by our theme, Linda's cousin has just sent us this picture to complete our blog this week-----

Now doesn't that get you in the Christmas Spirit?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out--Faces and Smiles

Smile. Have you ever noticed how easily puppies make human friends? Yet all they do is wag their tails and fall over. ~Walter Anderson

A smile is the light in the window of your face that tells people you're at home. ~Author Unknown

A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles. ~Washington Irving

A laugh is a smile that bursts. ~Mary H. Waldrip

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing-- Mother Teresa

Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available. ~Jim Beggs

I have a tickle in my brain. And it keeps making the corners of my mouth point toward the heavens. ~Jeb Dickerson

Thursday, November 19, 2009


When we were growing up, Toronto had two zoos. One in High Park in the West of the City and one in Riverdale Park for those in the East. They were traditional zoos of their time. Animals were captured in the wild and caged with little thought of the need for exercise or of their social needs.

But in the 1970's Toronto opened a new Zoo.

A zoo committed to meeting the needs of the animals first.

Where animals had the room to move.

And socialize. And play.

Where visitors could learn about the animals they were visiting. Learn about the need to preserve the species in the wild.

Where contact with wild animals could provide what internet photos and books could never do--allow people to experience the animals directly. As something real and tangible. And in need of saving.

The grounds of the Toronto zoo are vast and themed by continent. It is almost impossible to see, and experience the entire zoo in one visit.

So if you are visiting the area plan for more than one visit. Or choose your continent wisely.

The zoo has a personal meaning for us. Not only did we take our children there when they were younger, but both our daughters worked for the zoo for a time when they were in school. Heather took children for rides on camels and Kathy was a grounds keeper. And Kathy's mother-in-Law, Ruth, also works at the zoo.

The Toronto Zoo is situated on the Eastern periphery of the City far from the downtown core, in the vast forests of the Rouge Valley. So if you are visiting it will mean quite a drive to get there, although public transportation is improving.

For us, the zoo is almost on our doorstep.